We acknowledge that school budgets are tighter than ever. That's why we provide the following ways for schools to purchase the Grid at a reduced price..

1. Become an OPEUS Training Centre or Product Ambassador

We provide a 'privilege' discount scheme to schools who are registered as OPEUS Training Centres or Product Ambassadors. We highly value and appreciate the efforts of our partner schools who provide training and support to other schools in their local area. As part of this scheme we reward active schools with access to our latest products at reduced rates. If you are interested in becoming an OPEUS Training Centre or Ambassador - please contact us for more information.

2. Sign up for more than one year

We offer generous price discounts to schools who purchase the PrimaryGrid for more than one year and pay in advance. Nearly all our schools use the PrimaryGrid year-on-year to record and share evidence. Whilst we are perfectly happy to receive annual payments - we find it financially and strategically advantageous to contract with schools for longer periods of time. If your school has the capacity to plan and budget for the PrimaryGrid for more than one year - then we are willing to reward this foresight.

3. Purchase as a group of schools

We offer rewarding price discounts to schools who unite and purchase the PrimaryGrid as a group at the same time. When a group of schools purchase PrimaryGrid it enables us to provide centralised training and support as well as minimise time spent in account management. We appreciate this saving in time and energy - consequently we are happy to reduce the price of PrimaryGrid for each school in the group.

For more information on any of the above Price Discounts - please contact us by calling 0115 929 3419 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If you've not yet signed up for your FREE, no-obligation trial account - you can do so here.

Senior Leaders

Senior Leaders

Senior leaders love the Grid because it generates a central store of valuable, school-wide evidence which they can analyse and share with others.

Teachers & Staff


Teachers love the Grid because it's so quick and easy to use! Evidence can be captured before, during or after an activity in less than 60 seconds!

Parents & Carers


Parents love the Grid because it gives access to evidence which shows clearly what their child is learning and how their being taught.



Ofsted love the Grid because it provides easy-access to "sound" evidence of teaching and management practices across the whole school.

Schools using Primary Grid for curriculum mapping and preparing for Ofsted.