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Make the most of your school blog

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Many teachers are now proudly blogging about their 'best' lessons or activities that take place across the school. In reality, each and every article is a valuable piece of evidence demonstrating great teaching and learning. (If it wasn't great - would it be worth blogging about?)

The problem with blogs is the way articles are recorded and presented. In a school blog, each article (or should we say valuable piece of evidence) is logged in date order and then buried away in an archive.

Turn your school blog into a...
Web 2.0 School Improvement Tool

The PrimaryGrid allows teachers to publish blog articles in a visual and interactive Grid, mapped against a range of education *criteria.

*Criteria can include S.M.S.C (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Values), S.E.A.L (Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning) - in fact any range of life skills or education framework can be used as criteria in the Grid.

PrimaryGrid + School Blog = Perfection!

If you blend the power of the PrimaryGrid with the functionality of a school blog - the result is a unique and innovative tool that enables teachers and managers to:

  • Plan effectively by mapping teaching activities to skills or criteria
  • Record evidence of great teaching in any lesson or activity
  • Analyse coverage of skills or criteria across the whole school
  • Share data with other staff members and partner schools
  • Impress parents and Ofsted inspectors with detailed reports

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Senior Leaders

Senior Leaders

Senior leaders love the Grid because it generates a central store of valuable, school-wide evidence which they can analyse and share with others.

Teachers & Staff


Teachers love the Grid because it's so quick and easy to use! Evidence can be captured before, during or after an activity in less than 60 seconds!

Parents & Carers


Parents love the Grid because it gives access to evidence which shows clearly what their child is learning and how their being taught.



Ofsted love the Grid because it provides easy-access to "sound" evidence of teaching and management practices across the whole school.

Schools using Primary Grid for curriculum mapping and preparing for Ofsted.